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Wheel Balancing in Brooklyn

Is your steering wheel rocking back and forth as you drive and increase your speed?

Operating in Brooklyn, Tyre Zone provides wheel balancing services to ensure your wheels and tyres are running smoothly.

Wheel Balancing Done by Tyre Experts

If one of your tyres is wearing at a faster rate than the others, it is likely that your wheels are unbalanced. Based in Brooklyn, Tyre Zone provides wheel aligning and balancing services at competitive prices.

Wheel balancing equalises the combined weight of tyres and wheels to ensure a smooth spin at a high speed. Contact us for routine tyre maintenance to make sure your tyres are spinning evenly!

A properly balanced wheel is the result of a perfectly tuned tyre-wheel combination

Wheel Balancing  Brooklyn

When to get Your Wheels Balanced

It is crucial that your wheels are balanced for optimal driving performance. Besides wheel balancing, Tyre Zone provides other services such as wheel alignment, tyre repair and tyre fitting.

Visit us for wheel balancing if you are experiencing the following:

  • Steering wheel shaking or vibrating
  • Seat or floorboard vibrating at highway speeds
  • Wheels don't appear to be straight

Give us a call for more information or visit us!

Our experts can determine whether your wheels need to be balanced

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We have a variety of wheels:


Not sure if your wheels need to be balanced?